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29 May 2008

Mourinho: I Can’t Wait To Start

Last night the agent of Roberto Mancini confirmed that his client had been sacked as coach of Inter, and that his replacement would be Jose Mourinho.Now the Gazzetta dello Sport has reported some brief words from Mourinho, in which he reveals his excitement at the prospect of this new challenge."I can’t wait to get started,” said the Portuguese tactician.The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ has been out of work since he left Chelsea by mutual consent last September. Mourinho is said to be particularly looking forward to the renowned tactical side of the Italian game, and reportedly confided to friends:"The first day of training will be beautiful. To be able to play and work on tactics, with less gym, less travelling, and less monotonous. I want to change the traditional method of preparation,” he vowed.The 45-year-old is expected to sign a three-year contract, earning a staggering €9 million per year.

Luca Capofranco

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Lamps said...

that true? if true i am very hepi with this news..

Toilet paper said...

lets the time reveal everything later..
i cant wait to see Jose back..

ok d kampung?

Lamps said...

ok je.. ko jgn lupa klik saya punya iklan ooo..

budaya klik msti diteruskan.