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16 August 2008

Men's Single Olympic Final 2008

Ni gambar kena curi dari

Who will win the Olympic Gold Medal??
Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan??

LEE Chong Wei made history when he became the first Malaysian badminton singles player to reach an Olympic final at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium last night.
The 26-year-old made sure Malaysia will return home with at least a silver medal after barren outings at the last two Olympics by battling past South Korean Lee Hyun-il 21-18, 13-21, 21-13 in the semi-finals.
Chong Wei has now bettered Rashid Sidek’s bronze medal achievement at the Atlanta Games in 1996.
The men’s doubles pair of Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock also delivered a silver medal for Malaysia that year but tomorrow, Chong Wei has a chance to go one step better when he takes on top seed Lin Dan of China, who beat compatriot Chen Jin 21-12, 21-18.
But that mouth-watering finale almost didn't happened as Hyun-il gave the Malaysian some anxious moments.
Chong Wei gained early control but Hyun-il caught up to 18-20.
But the Malaysian earned victory when his rival lobbed the shuttle wide.
Hyun-il, winner of the Korean and German Opens this year, turned on the power in the second game when he won 11 points in a row to eventually force the match into the rubber game.
In the decided, Chong Wei led 8-1 before the tenacious Korean clawed his way back to 11-15.
But Chong Wei, spurred on by shouts of Malaysia Boleh from the pockets of Malaysian supporters, regained the big lead again.
At 19-11, Chong Wei knew he was on the brink of a famous and historic win.
And when he did get the winning point, Chong Wei collapsed to the ground in sheer joy and relief.
He then got up, ran over and jumped onto his coach Misbun Sidek’s arms.
“The huge pressure is off me! I have made sure of winning at least an Olympic medal. I dedicate this to my coach, who gave everything to prepare me for these Games,” said Chong Wei, who only reached the second round in his Olympic debut in Athens four years ago.
“I knew Hyun-il would not be an easy opponent because he has beaten the top players before. But I pulled it off.”
On losing second game, Chong Wei said he just could not keep up with his opponent.
“He played at a very fast pace and I could not follow him. I made mistakes and I just prepared myself for the final game,” said Chong Wei, who now has a shot at the RM1mil incentive that has been promised by the government for any athlete who returns with an Olympic gold medal.
But more than that, it is his chance to gain Malaysian sporting immortality and bag what many athletes can only dream of.
The partisan crowd will be on Lin Dan’s side tomorrow but one thing is for sure, Malaysians can expect Chong Wei to go all out to bring home Malaysia’s first Olympic gold medal.
As he simply puts it: “I’ll play with my life.”
Ni berita kena curi dari TheStar..
Kalu Chong Wei menang Emas..for the 1st time our national anthem will b heard in Olympic..
P/S: kalu Menang bagus la..kena ingat sampai bila2 plus masuk sejarah Malaysia lagi..kalu kala, faham2 lah mulut org Malaysia..standard kalu mengumpat..kruk2..GUD LUCK Chong Wei..


urang ranau said...

nda kesah la emas atau perak atau gangsa atau besi sekalipun..chong wei tatap buli di bangga kan sbb at least dpt pigi final Olympic..bangga makcik!!!

Toilet paper said...

ya makcik..
sa pun bangga juga..
sa dengar2 mau dapat datukship lagi tu..
RM300k suda kena bagi..
makcik tida mau minta sikit??

MaveriQue said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei suda dia skarang bro... tym sia jadi pengayuh rakit dapat emas, time tu sia main peringkat dunia. tp di disneyland. sia pun mau datuk. atleast nanti sia pencen ada juga RM3000 tiap bulan untuk mkn nnt tua.. TolongLah.saya pun mau title "D"atuk tu.