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23 August 2008

Servay Penampang: Fire,Fire, on 20.08.2008

Picture taken from

Sabah 1st hypermarket build on 1997..
Destroyed on fire..
the history written on 20.08.2008

Time tu malam..
around 7.30pm..
me hanging out with some friends at Ching fah..
Ah chie (Senior Captain at Ching Fah's Restaurant) informed us that..
Servay is on fire..

Ingat main2..
tau2 betul2 pula..
Kami stay di Ching Fah dari jam 7pm sampai 12am..
still can see the sky from area Penampang Baru ada tu kaler2 macam on fire..

The next day..
bila baca newspaper..
Rugi almost 10 Million..
and some say 30 million..
Memang besar rugi tu..
thanks mQ 4 the info..

P/S: Teda sudah tempat shopping baju xmas..sama tempat part time budak2 lepasan SPM..


MaveriQue said...

30mill rugi sia sma servay yg sia baca d tabloid..

Antonia Amanda said...

sepa juga ksah ni servay suda dpt kerja bha.