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05 April 2008

Secondhand Serenade

John Vesely, who it is said has the vocal range of an 80s hair band, and looks to rival Elvis, wandered through life, from band to band, finding that he could never settle with just one. Then in the summer of 2004, John decided to do it his own way and go solo.

To distinguish himself from the typical singer/songwriter, John adopts the name Secondhand Serenade - a name with far fewer limits than "John". The name Secondhand Serenade allows him to be free to do whatever he feels like, from a solo performance to ten musicians on stage at once.

Secondhand Serenade took off like John couldn't believe - the crowd at live shows and an ever increasing online presence prompted him to release his debut album, Awake.

Perfectionist that he is, the studio was top of the range, and John produced the entire ten tracks himself. John not only organised the recording, but everything down to the performances and packaging. And all of this without any label backing.

All of this care and attention paid off, with album sales rocketing and single releases, such as Maybe, doing well on popular radio stations.

A recording contract is now a possibility, but until that day, Secondhand Serenade will continue to independently prosper.

p/s : i really love the tracks on the album, Awake. Below are the following tracks..

1. Half Alive
2. Broken
3. Vulnerable
4. Your Call
5. Maybe
6. Its Not Over
7. I Hate This Song
8. Awake
9. Take Me With You
10. Let It Roll
11. Last Song Ever
12. End


ixora said... dtg bah ni...huhu...

Toilet paper said...

ba..trima kasih ixora..
mari la kita sama2 abiskan tesis keramat tu..

Anonymous said...

mcm mana??
sa xtau..

amanda said...

mcm mana?
sa xtau..